Aerden (aerden) wrote,

A Semi-Productive Sunday

Two Alleys: padfoot_uk and I finished a new post in two_alleys_rpg.

I swear, I have as much fun editing and polishing up bits of writing as I do actually writing them. All of this Two Alleys work has only whetted my appetite for more.

Seth, During 4th-Year Potions:

Paul, reading aloud a report from Professor Snape on his son's progress: "'When Seth can be bothered to pay attention, he produces quite passable resuts.' Exactly what are you doing in Potions class, Seth?"

Seth, squirming a bit: "Well...I'd rather listen to Padma Patil than Professor Snape. Can you blame me?"

Paul, glaring: "Yes. Can Padma Patil teach you potions as well as Professor Snape can?"

Seth: "She's not bad at it."

Movie: Mark and I went with Tom to see Over the Hedge Friday night, and we enjoyed it immensely. William Shatner's new career of parodying himself is too, too brilliant! He plays a possum who likes to play possum. *giggles*

Friends: Off to see if baghdaelf or others are around to chat with, this evening.

Oh, AWESOME!!! Way to go, leianora! :D

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