Aerden (aerden) wrote,

A Writing Dream

Dream the morning of June 3, 2006: This dream featured me, xanath, gypsynomad, and ta_paulgraves.

In the first part of the dream, gypsynomad and someone I couldn't identify were reading over some of my Two Alleys posts featuring my character Paul Graves, and they thought I needed to change my writing style for Paul.

"She's gotten better, but she always writes his dialogue elegant, long, complicated, and too klunky," GN (Andrea) was saying. For all I know, the person she was talking to may have been Paul! (g)

From there, the dream shifted to something like Darkover. I, Paul, and X (Kris) had gone out riding, and it was a lot of fun because Kris and I were wearing these gorgeous, long, Darkovan dresses and enjoying ourselves out in this meadow where we were riding.

Then I somehow came into possession of a flat, red and green, squarish box that I gave Kris. She opened it and was suddenly devastated and started crying, then she galloped off on her horse because Gabriel Lanart was in dire danger, and she had to rescue him.

At that point, the dream became a mental rumination (I guess between Paul and me) on the emotional differences in a story between when a woman rescues a man and when a man rescues a woman. I found all of this deeply fascinating upon waking up.

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