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Last Day of May

Music: I had my first voice lesson today with Frankie Hickman. I think she's pretty good--she can certainly do impressive things with her voice, and she knows how to explain what she's doing. So I'll be doing daily voice exercises now.

Medical: My doctor removed the ureteral stent today, and I think it is the reason why I've been feeling weird sensations, because they're completely gone now. I feel totally comfortable for the first time since the original ESWL. Neat!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already.

TV: I watched a couple of episodes of Mythbusters this evening, which were fun, as usual. They tried to explosively decompress an airplane by shooting a bullet through the fuselage and through a window. Neither time succeeded. Then I saw the seasickness episode. Much fun!

I was considering trying out the Penis Name Generator, but the little Paul in my head said, "Absolutely NOT!"

He's such fun to mess with. :D

Quizzage: (from xanath)

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