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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
PSA - Hurricane Evacuation for the Disabled

PSA: I got an email at work today from one of the higher-ups, and it gives advice for disabled people who have no family or friends and no transportation to get them out of town in case of a mandatory hurricane evacuation.

If you know someone living in Texas who is disabled and has no family or friends who can offer the person transportation out of a hurricane zone, the person should call 211 now to register for transportation should it be needed in the future. People are asked not to wait until there is a hurricane in the Gulf; they should register now, before there is a storm, so that rescue workers can be adequately prepared.

Work: Work was tiring today. I had to pack and move things from a bookcase and storage cabinet in a vacant office so that they can be moved to the new location, while a new employee moves into the vacant office near me. I still have to clean out the desk drawers tomorrow. Joy. Oh, and do the work that I regularly have to do. *sigh*

Silliness: I mentally cast Paul into the role of the vampire historian in Underworld II, mainly because I thought Paul would have done it better. It's stupid to lie to a big, bad, powerful villain when it's obvious that he knows you're lying to him.

Life: The day after tomorrow is payday. For about a minute, I get to see the nice increase in size of my checking account before I swiftly have to reduce the size of it. *sigh* As far as I'm aware, I have no doctor appointments scheduled for June. Hurray! *keeping fingers crossed that I won't have to have any.* I really want to build my sick leave and annual leave balances back up.

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