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@<-<-- Barbara Katy Chapman --<-<@

Barbara Chapman was the daughter of Duane 'Dog' Chapman. She was killed in an automobile accident in Alaska the day before Dog and Beth, his partner, were to be married. The family went ahead with the wedding on Saturday and turned it into a celebration of the marriage and of Barbara's life. Dog and his family are complete strangers to me, but I've gotten acquainted with them in a way through the show. I can't even imagine how horrible this must be for them. She was only 23.

According to at least one news story, the SUV she was in was stolen, and there's suspicion that drugs of some sort were involved--I don't know if that's on her part or that of the other person in the car. I hope it wasn't Dog's daughter under the influence, because he is so dead-set against illegal drugs. I would hate for him to have lost his daughter because of them.

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