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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Voice Lessons

Music: I decided to finally get off my ass and do something about finding a voice teacher. Partly, this is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but I couldn't afford it while I was unemployed. Partly, this is also a result of my realization that learning kenjutsu might be unrealistic for me in terms of expense, travel time to a dojo, ability to uphold the commitment, etc. I don't need armor and a practice weapon to sing.

I spoke to my prospective instructor, Mrs. Frankie Hickman, earlier this evening, and I'm awaiting a call back. She holds a master's in music from the University of Houston and has performance experience with the Cincinnati Opera and other places. She sounded intrigued when I told her that I want to concentrate on medieval and Renaissance music.

And her home is located inside Loop 610, rather than out west of Beltway 8, which is where my other prospective instructor lives. That really would have been too far. this woman is trained in classical singing, so I hpe I can learn a lot from her, if she can take me on.

,b>Movie:</b> I really enjoyed The Da Vinci Code Friday night. Even though I did know how much of the history was bunk--the entire Prieurie de Sion thing is nonsense--I found myself getting involved in the movie and not laughing at it, at all. I didn't consider it slow or ponderous, either; it had quite enough action going on to keep me interested. I enjoyed Tom Hanks in the role of Robert Langon very much. There is a down to earth feel about Hanks that makes him comfortable to spend a movie with. You just trust him.

We saw a trailer for Lady in the Water. Yea, Bryce Howard! I let her lead me through The Village, and I'll happily let her lead me through this new film, too. The bearded actor from Sideways is in this one, which I think is great!

Horses: I heard that Barbaro, winner of the Kentucky Derby, tractured a leg in the Preakness. that was horrible news.

Politics: I can't believe the New Orleans voters re-elected Mayor Nagin. *shakes head* I would have so booted that man out of office.


Lady in the Water was somewhat wonderful, wasn't it?

Heh--It hasn't shown over here yet. We're waiting with great anticipation, though!


I still have yet to see The Da Vinci Code, which is odd for me because I am a HUGE Tom Hanks fan.

Gary should me a poster for The Lady in the Water. I can't wait to see it. I love the director, although I am not even going to attempt to spell his last name here. I actually liked the Village. I know a lot of people didn't. However, I can relate to why they did what they did.

I hope things click with your new voice instructor. Good luck.

I liked The Village, too. Bryce Dallas Howard was amazing in that movie. The only thing I didn't like about it was that I went in there expecting to see dark elves, and there weren't any. Still I enjoyed the film a lot.