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Thursday - Home from Work

Icons: I've added two new icons to my collection--'Beer!' by angelus_1910 and 'Obnoxious and Disliked' by unmasked_icons. You can guess which is which.

I also want to make another animated icon--or at least make the frames for one and ask someone at icons to kindly animate it. Maybe I can put it together this evening. I'll see.

Food: Mark tried out our new garlic roaster this evening. The roaster is a little ceramic dish with a dome-shaped ceramic lid. You place garlic pieces in the dish, cover it with the lid to trap the head, and then bake in the oven for a certain amount of time. The garlic smells delicious and is quite tender.

I need want more green olives.

Art: Darn you, hbruton! Your art is so, so beautiful, you're almost enticing me to become a fan of furby--and I don't like furby! *wails, digs in wallet*

Morrigan painting. *swoons*

(I like ravens--and I really like BIG ravens, even if they are part wolf-critter. So gorgeous!)

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