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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Evening Update

Politics: It seems that in Pennsylvania, a primary election is being held to narrow down the field of candidates for the main election. One of the issues that apparently has the electorate up in arms is a pay raise that was recently passed for the state legislature. Quite a few incumbent politicians are not expected to win back their seats.

It seems to me that this is a very effective scam.

First, you vote out of office the people who passed the pay raise. Then the new people who get voted into office because of voter disgust get to enjoy the pay raise.

This seems just a bit ironic and hypocritical, to me.

Work:I attended portions of a monthly all-day meeting that our office has to discuss issues related to employment, ie, helping our consumers find work and stay employed. Other issues can be covered, too. Today's afternoon talk was from a lady who came to talk to us about Social Security issues. I found it very informative. For instance, I didn't know that it takes five months from the day you apply, to actually start receiving benefits of certain types. Plus, the checks come out in the month following eligibility, so if you become eligible in November, you won't receive your first check until December 1. This is for children who become eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income in their own names, once they turn 18. They have to apply when they are 17-1/2, for the benefits to start on time.

Interesting meeting.

Shopping: Other purchases tonight (besides the chocolate truffles): Kinky Friedman campaign t-shirts, because I like them!

TV: On tonight's episodes of King of Cars, we experienced the day after Thanksgiving at Tobin Dodge, and we also got to see how antsy the Big Boss gets when he goes on a short vacation and leaves his second in charge for the day. Much fun!

I also watched House. Interesting case of a fungal infection.

Current Mood: tiredtired

I dunno. If the people those politicians served felt that the raise was uncalled for then I don't see a reason why they should let them have it by voting for them. That it goes to their political enemies - who I'm sure played up the raise - ought properly to encourage politicians considering voting themselves raises to make certain that the people paying for them agree that they've earned it.

Of course, I live in Ohio and we've got some serious corruption going on.

Yep. I think pay raises for legislators should be voted on by the people who elected them, not by the legislators themselves.