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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]

Work: Still keeping busy. Lunch today was brisket and potato salad, which were delicious. I'm leaving today at 2pm so I can renew my disabled citizen bus pass. They require me to show up in person with documentation, and they're closed on the weekends, so taking a couple of hours off from work is my only choice.

Writing: After Mr. Graves' bit of genius the other day, I have felt singularly uninspired. I think coming home and immediately zonking out might have something to do with that.

Movie: Mark and I will be seeing a movie tonight called Art School Confidential. We'd planned on just eating dinner and coming home, since neither of us wanted to see Poseidon, but then this came up. I'm pretty much feeling indifferent to the idea of seeing a movie, any movie.

That's it for now. Time to get back to the workload.

Current Mood: busybusy

Are you going to see The Da Vinci Code next Friday? You better believe I'll be there! :D

I'm surprised they make you go down to renew your pass. My grandparents never have to renew anything like that, they just automatically get it. I was extremely surprised by this since they both drive and just having their licenses mailed to them without taking eye tests and the like is kind of dangerous!

Michelle--Yeah, I think what they do is, for a certain number of years, they will renew your driver's license automatically, but every five years or so, they make you go in for the eye test.

My bus pass is a disabled person discount thing--very heavily discounted, too; it only costs me $52 a year to ride the bus as often as I need to. They have to see my eye report every year to document that I'm still eligible for the discount. I don't see why they can't simply note in their computer that my condition is permanent, so I wouldn't have to make the yearly trip downtown, but oh well.

I was stunned that the price was still only $52. I had figured that, given the extreme increase in gas prices this past year, the discount price would have gone up. Not that Im complaining, mind you!