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Work: Still keeping busy. Lunch today was brisket and potato salad, which were delicious. I'm leaving today at 2pm so I can renew my disabled citizen bus pass. They require me to show up in person with documentation, and they're closed on the weekends, so taking a couple of hours off from work is my only choice.

Writing: After Mr. Graves' bit of genius the other day, I have felt singularly uninspired. I think coming home and immediately zonking out might have something to do with that.

Movie: Mark and I will be seeing a movie tonight called Art School Confidential. We'd planned on just eating dinner and coming home, since neither of us wanted to see Poseidon, but then this came up. I'm pretty much feeling indifferent to the idea of seeing a movie, any movie.

That's it for now. Time to get back to the workload.

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