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Monday Update

Work: I'm back at work today. The big project for today is doing a mail-out to all of the active consumer's on one person's caseload and catching up on my backlog of referrals. *sigh* I hate being backlogged.

TA/SPH: After doing some research, I've finally decided that what Paul studied in SPH was kenjutsu and iaijutsu. What he studies in TA is kenjutsu and iaido. It depends on whom you talk to, apparently, as to whether or not that is considered a significant difference. I'm the sort who likes to make the fine distinctions, so that's what I've come up with. Seth in SPH did indeed study kendo, which is different from kenjutsu, more a standardized form of it, as I understand the system. Seth strikes me as having been an active kid, so kendo fits well with that. I'm appalled at how ignorant I was of these things in SPH, but at least I'm learning now.

Kenjutsu: I actually found a dojo here in Houston, but it is located north of my job, which is way across town from where I live. I'd like to see if there are any dojos closer to my home. Once I know that, I could start calling people about prices and asking if it would be practical for me to even attempt to learn kenjutsu. I'm not interested in all of the competition stuff that goes on in kendo.

But geeze, I can see myself, if a sensei were to ask me why I want to learn kenjutsu. My gut-deep, honest answer would have to be, "Because I think it's beautuful, and became I'm a writer telling a story about a man who practises the art, and to write him well, I have to understand the art and its subtleties better than I do. The art is part of what he is on a deep level; he's a warrior of a sort. I feel an obligation as a writer to do my best for this character's story, and that means learning what he knows so I can convey his experiences adequately. I can't do that by just reading about kenjutsu."

I suspect a sensei would probably think I was off my rocker if I told him this. But it would be better than making up bullshit. He might think me weird, but at least he would know I was honest. Besides, I could use the exercise.

TV: Last night was the season finale for Crossing Jordan. On one hand, I think, "Hurray! They wrote a cliffhanger ending, so that means the show has been renewed for the fall!" And the other half of me says, "Aghhhhh!!! Those cruel people, making me wait all summer to see how Jordan gets out of this mess!" *insert much gnashing of teeth here.*

Writing: Tomorrow night I will devote to working on The Boy from the Sea.

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