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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]

Medical: As the title of this post says. Suffice it to say, the second ESWL worked. I don't think there's need to go into any more detail than that. I'm happy.

HP: I visited mctabby's journal and participated in the HP Friending Frenzy IV, because it looked like a fun thing to do. It's nice to know that Harry Potter fandom is large enough to encompass my fan-fictional pairing interests. (g)

I really like Snape/Lily. And I'll even go for Snape/Hermione, as long as she's about 30. I also like the idea of Harry/Luna.

What cracks me up is, I don't even read much canon character fan fiction because I prefer writing original things outside of the Potterverse. So why do I even care what the fan-created pairings are? (g)

Ah, well.

Writing: I found author Robin Hobb's Fan Fiction Rant via pegkerr's journal. Hobb brings up some points which I agree with. Here is a rebuttal written by fan writer Fay Jay.

I apologize to any of you who are readers of musevoices. Most of what I've been putting in that journal lately has been marked private. I hope to write some more public posts for it soon.

Coolness!: Swiped from marvo because it is so cool!

Ninja animation


What did you swipe?

That neat graphic from Ickleoriental. I had a little trouble copying and pasting the code, but now it's in.


Well worth swiping ;)

I feel the pressure to say something witty... and I'm coming up blank. I saw you during the Friend Frenzy and you like original characters! That makes me very happy. I also have a lot of kidney stones, so I'm completely empathetic. I'm glad you're lithotripsy work! I promise I'll try and be witty next time. :-)

Larilee--There's someone else in HP fandom who prefers original characters? There's two of us--don't tell; they'd throw us out, you know! :D

Actually, there's more than two, but man, we do seem to be in the minority. It's great to meet you! Several of the other people on my friends list also write original HP characters, including quietlyurban, and caersidi. richandme does, too, but he's in law school now and doesn't have as much time to write. *pouts* So he'd better become a really good lawyer, to make up for it. (g)

Bleah, kidney stones. I hope yours are not causing you too much pain or too many infections. Infections suck. :P


*waves* Here from mctabby's frenzy -- you arrived there just before the 5K comment limit. Wanted to introduce myself, say hello, and say that I've peeked at your bio :) So many things caught my eye, from Abigail Adams to medical history to Loreena McKennit. Interested in a new addition to the flist?

btw, I sympathize on the kidney stones. I'm in my early 30s and I've had about 8 instances since I was 21.

Definitely! And welcome!

Eight instances of kidney stones since you were 21? Holy cow! I used to know a co-worker who had them, and his were very painful, so I hope you haven't had too much pain with yours. Mine was a large staghorn stone that didn't move much, so I had little pain from it, but did have near-constant infections.


Here from mctabby too.

I have never had a kidney stone, but I understand it's not great fun. So, I hope you're feeling better.

Personally, I've never had a kidney stone, although my dad has had several, most of which resulted in hospitalization, so I know it's not much fun.

As far as Harry Potter fanfiction is concerned, I also prefer to write original characters. There's a link to my FF.net account on my LJ user info page, in case you're interested, although there's not much to see there, yet.