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Thursday, the Patient was Zapped

Especially for Sarah W.: Sarah, I came across the icon in this comment and was immediately reminded of Anders! *giggles*

Medical: My doctor says the second ESWL went well; he only needed to zap me 1000 times instead of 3000. I'm feeling a little tired, with some dull aching on the left, but nothing I can't stand. I'll be off of work tomorrow.

Mr. Graves: Since I didn't bring along a book to read, I amused myself while waiting in pre-op by imagining what would happen if Paul were a patient on an episode of House. Presuming it would be a typical House episode, Paul would be ill with some bizarre ailment, and it would soon become known that he was a Death-Eater. Naturally, House and his trio of physicians would have some strongly-held opinions about this and about whether they should be treating Paul at all. I figured that Paul himself would be wrestling with facing his own mortality and wondering what he should do--fight to live or fight to die? The DE version of him believed he deserved death, but that version of him also believed that death was too easy an escape. So in my mind, Paul finally concluded that he should not concern himself with living or with dying. Instead, he decided that he should fight to do the right thing, whatever that might be. Ergo, he would have to live.

That's why I love writing about him and why I have so much affection for him as a character.

Two Alleys: Viv--I've sent you a message via YM. Please let me know what you'd like to do.

Silliness; Mark and I also amused ourselves by imagining various TV doctor characters as Gregory House's boss. We decided that the best boss for House would be Dr. Phlox from Enterprise. Phlox would drive House crazy because he is inflappably pleasant and would also be pleasantly firm when telling House 'no.' We figured that if Hawkeye Pierce were House's boss, the two of tmeh would be in near-constant quarreling. House would probably despise Julian Bashir, and he and Dr. McCoy would have their arguments but not be too destructive about things. We decided that House would probably be driven insane by Dr. Marcus Welby, too. He would treat Dr. Crusher just like he treats Cuddy, but with even more contempt.

And if I throw Paul and Aerden in there...Well, Aerden and House would be at each others' throats all the time. Paul might manage to scare House; I'm not sure. But he would be very firm that when he says "No," he means it. Paul would not tolerate House going behind his back the way Cuddy does, even though he would admire House's audacity.

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