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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Back in Action - Wednesday

TV: I watched the second half of the two-part House episode and enjoyed it. There was a lot less sexual tension silliness and a lot more concentration on the medical mystery, which I appreciated.

OMG! I think South Park is doing a send-up for Nanny McPhee!

Work: I kept myself busy today filing, doing last-minute purchase orders, PO closures, and invoice payments, and a couple of referrals. It was a long day, but I like the feeling that I got a lot accomplished.

Medical: Tomorrow is the repeat ESWL. Not sure if I'll write an entry tomorrow evening, but I suspect I'll be up for at least a brief one. :)


Very silly ending to House though. Cameron should never have been allowed to order the (possible brain injuring) biopsy as she simply was not the lead physician, House was. Being Foreman's medical proxy simply means that she is able to make decisions in his stead, thats it, it doesn't suddenly give her any medical authority. She could refuse to allow House to perform a biopsy but certainly doesn't have the right to perform one herself.

Hopefuly she will be brought before a tribunal and (certainly if there has been any damage) fired.