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Aerden [userpic]
United 93

This was a stunningly good movie. I am amazed, awed, and humbled by the care the director and movie-makers took with this one.

There is absolutely nothing Hollywoodish about this movie--no grandstanding, no cheesiness. It comes across as if you simply have an invisible window into the normal, everyday events of the morning of September 11, 2001, and that window stays open as things go horribly wrong. It really did not feel to me as if I were watching a movie; I felt as if I were watching life.

You get no real introduction to any of the people portrayed. Yes, you learn a name here and there, but mostly, the people are anonymous; they're just people on a plane, people in Air Traffic Control, people at Norad. To call them characters, if you ask me, is actually an insult. It would have ruined this movie, if they had been characters. In fact, I think nine Air Traffic Controllers played themselves.

There was no music during this film that I noticed, only some drumming. That was good, because adding music would have been tacky. Background music would have made the whole thing like a typical Hollywood movie, and that would, I think, have distanced us from what was happening. Leaving music out was a brilliant way of handling this film.

I was pretty calm through most of the Air Traffic Control scenes, but the scenes on Flight 93 were harrowing after a certain point. I kept dreading that, at any moment, a terrorist would murder one of the passengers for calling home. I was amazed at how much the passangers were able to do, even with two terrorists trying to keep order in the fuselage.

I liked the way they portrayed the terrorists---very understated until the moment they decided it was time to take over the plane. I missed out on most of their dialogue because I couldn't read the subtitles, but I know a lot of it was them praying. I'm told that one of the actors playing a terrorist went to the initial screening of this film. A family member of one of the passengers went up to him, shook his hand, and said, "You were very brave to come here!"

In our theater, there was complete silence for several seconds after the film ended, and then we applauded. This film was a very, very fine remembrance and tribute.

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I was waiting for you to talk about the movie, because I wanted to see whether you'd feel differently about it as compared to another one of my LJ friends (Beth, who often has views that differ from yours, at least on topics that you've both touched and watched it in NYC). Both of you liked it, so yeah, I'm more inclined to watch it now as well.

I'm glad to hear it wasn't too Hollywoodish.

Rin--I treally is worth watching, though it is like no movie you'll have ever seen.

*chuckles* miseri thinks my political views are all over the map. I tend to be conservative, but I also have liberal beliefs, and I don't think it's good for a person to be entirely one or the other.

Unless I get really annoyed by something I see in the news, I try to keep politics out of my journal, because I've realized that I just like to vent and don't really want to get into long, drawn-out political discussions that I don't have time to research. There's no point in getting into a debate when you don't know your facts.

Over here, the film does seem to have had almost entirely positive review, even from people who usually disagree with reviewers on principle. It was a stunningly impressive film.


I'm amazed by these reviewers who are upset that other reviewers and the film-makers aren't warning audience members that it's grim and harrowing. Doesn't that go without saying?!

Reminds me of people who thought The Passion of the Christ should have had warnings for graphic violence. It's all in the Bible. For those who were raised in some variety of Christianity, the story should have been familiar to them from childhood.