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Movie: We'll be seeing United 93 this evening. I look upon seeing it, I think, as people look upon watching movies about the Jewish Holocaust. You need to see it, to remind yourself that yes, this event happened, and it should be remembered--not wallowed in, mind you, but remembered and discussed with due consideration and respect.

I'm thinking the only downside to it is that I can imagine the terrorists also studying this film and using it as a training tool for failure analysis. :P

I see there's a movie critic out there who reviewed this film and praised it for being 'non-judgmental.' As in--what? We shouldn't judge the terrorists portrayed in the film for being the murderers they were? Somehow, I suspect people like that are the exact same ones who like to bandy about heavy-handed political messages, themselves. Sorry, buddy. No respect for you from this moviegoer.

On the other hand, I would guess that this film is non-judgmental. It shows what the terrorists and passengers did and lets the audience see and judge for themselves.

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