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Almost Friday, and I Can't Wait

Work: Work was an interesting adventure today as I learned how to create a multi-consumer purchase order. Interestingly, the consumers are never named; you just multiply the number of consumers by the unit cost per assessment needed, and encumber for that amount. That was not quite what I had expected.

The more time-consuming part was creating all the referral forms for all of the consumers. There were five consumers for this PO so far, and I have more referrals to send.

Tomorrow, I get to tackle purchase orders for skills contractors. That will be nice, as it will get even more things off of my action list.

Family: My Mom called today to let me know that my Grandma has congestive heart disease. This is somehow helped with an inhaler, but I don't see how. She's 92. If the problem is fluid build-up around her lungs, how is the inhaler able to help her breathe more easily? It does work--stunningly well, my Mom says. I'm pretty shocked by the congestive heart failure. Grandma has always been very, very healthy.

Life: I came home and took a nap as soon as I got to my bedroom. I'm feeling really tired by the time I get home, these days. I didn't sleep too well last night--was tossing and turning and felt like I wanted to throw up, but it wasn't from my stomach. I'm thinking it must have been the stones, because it didn't feel the way my stomach usually does when I've overindulged. Bleah. I slept twenty minutes late this morning but luckily, somehow got to the bus stop well ahead of the bus, thank God.

Movie: The movie for tomorrow night is United 93. I'm wondering if I'll actually be awake enough to watch it, or if I will just start snoring in the theater seat. It would be so nice if those things reclined and had pillows.

I hear that today was Take Your Child to Work Day. I'm glad they finally quit calling it Take Your Daughter to Work Day. I always hated that.

Not much else is going on. I feel like a slug.

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