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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Alphabet Letter Meme - S

See the meme requirements here. Letter given by chellealistic.

Snape - Professor Severus Snape of the Harry Potter novels. Snape is the one Death-Eater (if he truly is a Death-Eater) who has what I consider an understandable reason for hating people who cannot do magic. Out of all the Death-Eaters, him I can feel sympathy for, and I suppose that is why I still hold out hope that he will do something heroic in Book #7. I want him to be, deep down, a good guy. I think that would make him far more complex and interesting than if he truly is just a villain, albeit a highly entertaiing villain.

silence - The absence of sound. I like this word because it conjures in my mind thoughts and images of deep contemplation and spirituality, communion with God.

street I imagine a narrow, cobblestoned street, the sort you find in Venice. I like old-fashioned streets.

syphilis - A venereal disease. When I was a kid, about seven or eight years old, I used to read my family's Reader's Digest Family Medical Guide. It was a totally absorbing book, and I would read it for hours. For years, I thought this word was pronounced 'sy-phyllis,' and I didn't learn its correct pronunciation and exactly what it was until years later. I'm fond of it because it's one of the first medical words I learned.

stereoagnosia - An inability to recognize objects by touch. I first came across this word in a book by Dr. Oliver Sacks, a neurologist. I love neurology. People who have been blind all of their lives and who gain their vision in later life have the opposite of this--they cannot recognize objects unless they touch them.

synesthesia - Perceiving a second sense when experiencing a different one, for example, perceiving tastes when looking at shapes. I have the kind of synesthesia that gives color to sound and to letters of the alphabet and numbers. I find this completely fascinating and love reading articles about it.

sword - To me, the katana in itself exemplifies the very essence of 'sword.' It is beautiful, graceful in movement, and requires great skill to use properly. I think katanas are works of art and should have souls. (g)

suonare - Italian for 'to sing.' I just love the way this word sounds when it rolls off my tongue: "swoh-NAH-reh"

Sevrennes - This was the name for a country I was creating, but I decided to merge it with Avriet for my WIP The Curse of Avriet. The root inspiration for this word is Sevres, from 'Sevres china.'

satori - If I understand this correctly, it is a state of mental enlightenment. It is another word that I simply enjoy the sound of.


In case you don't already know about this:

Sean Day is both a synesthete and a synesthesia researcher.

One of my synesthesias is that when I listen to people talking (or when I'm thinking in words), I "see" the words written out. Unobtrusively enough that it doesn't get in the way, and I'm fully aware of it only if I concentrate on it.

It's never the same typeface twice in a row. It's possible that I've invented some fonts without knowing I'd done so.

Re: Synesthesia

That's fascinating! Sometimes, I will see words when I close my eyes, but they don't come from speech I've heard; they're just there.

Sometime, I would like to paint the sound of typing, for example, or the sound of a Gregorian chant--it sounds like a multi-colored ribbon of sound; totally gorgeous!

Thanks for the link! I'll give it a look.