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Monday Again

I woke up this morning not feeling too good--bit of an upset stomach. It got better as the day went on, luckily.

Not much else going on. Work was there. Lunch was boring. I had the usual chicken fried steak that they always serve on Monday. I swear, you know you live in a country where there is an abundance of food when you can describe food as 'boring.' *sigh* I wanted something interesting and different for lunch today.

Work: Today, I whittled my action item list down to 22 items. I need to confer with the IL Consultant about a couple of things she wants donw with the vacant IL caseload, but once I have that clarified, I'll be able to shorten my list even more. I should be caught up by the time I have to go in for my repeat ESWL.

Good news--In one week, it will be payday!--and Beltane.

Books: I think I'll start reading A Brother's Price tonight.

Strong Drink: I'll be making my Navy grog tonight, as we have a bottle of light rum in the house. I wonder how it will taste? Probably, it will taste better than real grog did. I hope it will!

Quizzage: I just used totally random answers for this quiz. Wasn't terribly impressed with it.

What type of Fae are you?

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