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Friday, at Last!

Work: Today, I'm working away at my action list. Things have been added to it, but I've got it down to 47 again.

The weather was nasty, this morning. I rode the bus through a thunderstorm, with rain blowing sideways and a lot of lightning--quite a light show.

Books: Dog Warrior and A Brother's Price arrived from Amazon on Wednesday. Yea!

Writing: One of my characters, Edward, is being pissy and doesn't want to cooperate in the story he's in. He feels frustrated and highly annoyed. I didn't think this mattered until I discovered as I walked to the copier that I was moving the way he does. Don't ask me how I know that was how he walks, but I knew. That kind of bothered me. It's a weird dichotomy that authors both are and are not their characters. I'd rather that Edward not bleed through me, especially when he's in this kind of mood. And yet, how much of it is me? I have to admit that I'm a little annoyed re the story, too. Anyway, this is a very strange feeling. It's like having multiple personalities without the fugue state. I like it when it's useful--ie, when I'm in the middle of writing. But I don't like it when I'm at the office.

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