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Thursday, and I'm Home from Work!

Gifting: I picked out a Mother's Day gift for my grandma. She has macular degeneration, and I found this nice magnifying mirror at Independent Living Aids. One side is a 3x glass, and the other side is a 6x glass. I hope it will help.

Gaming: I responded to the latest Cadet Academy assignment at Frontier Fleet. I hope we can do more than one a week. I was hoping for one a night, or at least one every other night. I suppose I'm greedy; I'm enjoying the training sessions. (g)

Work: Gawd...I spent the morning stuffing envelopes to 50 of our consumers, letting them know that our office telephone numbers have changed. Then I had to spend a good part of the afternoon copying and pasting the text of the letter into everyone's TWorks file and then inserting a paper copy into the paper file, just so it would be there. :P But I at least got to knock one purchase order off of my to-do list.

TV: Cold Case Files is on tonight. Hurray!

I also discovered that Tuesday's Dog episodes are repeats. The new ones show on Wednesdays. Who knew?! So now I have two nights a week when I can watch Dog Chapman and his crew do their thing. Double-hurray! (g)

Two Alleys: Sarah--Do you mind if Paul attends Astrid's funeral? You know Minerva will be there, if it was announced in the newspapers. I figured that Paul would likely find out via the Guild.

Dear Spammers,

I am not interested in visiting your links to pornography of any kind--not anime, not children, not juicy, mature girls, not hentai, not anything. I will thannk you to treat my emailbox with the same courtesy as you must treat my US mailbox--but I'm not holding my breath.



Friday: Red Lobster for dinner tomorrow evening! Yea!!!!

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