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Baby Shower!

Work: Today was the office baby shower for M, whose son is due to be born in May. We went to Don Teo's Mexican restaurant for lunch. I had a plate of delicious flautas de pollo, very filling. I was ready for an afternoon nap when I returned to work!

News: Heard on Fox News G-Block: "The Tomkitten has arrived!" *giggles*

TV: I'll be watching Dog: The Bounty Hunter and King of Cars tonight. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm tired. Zzzzzz.

To Trim or Not to Trim?: Interesting. I had thought Locks of Love mainly provided hair for cancer patients, but apparently, the primary medical need for wigs in children is caused by alopecia arreata, an autoimmune condition that causes baldness. I want to donate my hair to this organization, but I think what I might do is get a trim now, but tell my stylist not to layer it. That way, my hair will be closer to a single length when I finally do cut the necessary ten inches off.

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