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Friday Night

Mark and I, with our friends Tom and Donna, saw Pirates of the Caribbean tonight. I thought it was excellent! I was pleasantly surprised when they had Orlando Bloom's character, a swordsmith named Will Turner, be truly worthy of the woman he loved. The movie will tell you he's a blacksmith. He may have started out that way, but it's bullshit. By the time of this movie, he is most definitely a swordsmith.

Johnny Depp's character Capt. Jack Sparrow is priceless. He's a thorough rogue and a scoundrel, but very clever and utterly charming. I can't remember the name of the actress who played Elizabeth Swan, but she was excellent--spirited without being un-period, which I appreciated.

The special effects were amazing. I cannot get over how naturally the skeletons moved. I'm used to seeing things like Clash of the Titans or the old Sinbad movies, with the very stiff, jerky skeletons. The movements of the ones in this film, though, were very smooth and life-like. Awesome.

anyway, lots of good, swashbuckling fun. Be sure to stay for the very end of the credits, because there's an additional scene tacked onto the very end.

Stargate: SG-1 - Tonight's episode was brilliant. Michael Shanks proved himself to be an extremely versatile actor, the way Scott Bakula did during the Quantum Leap episode "Shock Theatre." The characters he played ranged from the arrogant sovereign of a planet to a frightened young boy. And Dr. Frazier was wonderful during tonight's episode! Why, oh why couldn't she have been the CMO in Star Trek: The Next Generation, instead of Gates McFadden? The actress who plays Frazier is so much better!

Now that I can see, I am starting to want to draw again. I have two pictures in mind that I want to draw--one of Professor Snape, and one of a couple of gaming character--Paul Graves and Lilith Drachenstein.

Ack! It's almost 1:30am. I'm going to bed. Good night!

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