Aerden (aerden) wrote,

It looks like I have enough leave accumulated, even with the time I had to take for the hospital stay, that I can take some time off on Good Friday. Now I just have to see if I'll be able to take the time. Our receptionist wants the day off. I was the receptionist last year, and I was bored stiff on Good Friday. I promised myself that I wouldn't work it this year if I could possibily avoid it. We'll see what happens.

Ardaea: My second Ardaea post is in the works. I'm quite pleased about that.

TV: Tonight, I watched Dog, the Bounty Hunter and King of Cars on A&E. I didn't expect to like King of Cars as much as I do, but it's quite fun. I think my friend Frank, who is a car salesman, would love the show.

A&E will be airing a show on Easter Sunday evening called God and the Girl, which is about four men who are deciding whether they truly want to enter the priesthood or remain laity.

It look like Crime Night on A&E has moved to Thursdays, with back-to-back episodes of Cold Case Files.

Quote from Dog: "Either six men can carry you, or twelve men can judge you. You decide."

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