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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Saturday Update

Movie: Mark, Tom, and I went to see Ice Age II last night and enjoyed it very much. Queen Latifa plays a mammoth who thinks she's a possum, a role that reminded me a lot of Crazy Cora from Quigley, Down Under.

Friends: Anna, Kelli, Kris D., Andrea, Dave--Where are you guys? Have you fallen off the face of the Earth, or have I just not been reading far enough down on my friends list? I hope you're all okay.

Writing: I got a good start on the new version of Boy from the Sea, and I'm continuing on with it today.

Gaming: Anyone who likes Starfleet PBEM gaming, I recommend either Destinies Armada or Frontier Fleet. Both are very good, small fleets with experienced players in them.

We'll be doing our usual Saturday night RPG this evening over at Karina's.

Life: I go back to work on Monday. Over two weeks of backlog. Oh, God help me.

Current Mood: tiredtired

I need your address so I can send you a graduation announcement. E-mail it to willdrive4music@gmail.com

I'm OK. Battling a crop of stress-related migraines. My stepdad is battling heart disease again (heart attack Tuesday, 5 stents, more next week). But otherwise, we're going along the same. Hope you're all well.

Andrea--I saw that! I wasn't sure if you needed my address or not. I'll send it on over to you.

Your stepdad is having +5 stents put in? Good God! I hope he's doing all right after the heart attack; that's scary.

I seem to be okay, so far. I was on gentamicin and Cipro while in the hospital, and those seem to have knocked out the pseudomonas infection (keeping fingers crossed). After that, I was on Levaquin for a week, and now I'm on Macrodantin. Joy. I'm literally scared to come off antibiotics. I so don't want to get sick again.

They want me to go back for a second ESWL on May 4. This one will be an outpatient procedure. The stones broke up nicely, but the fragments are apparently too large to pass through the stent. *sigh*

I am so happy you're graduating, Andrea. You've worked really, really hard for this.