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Utter Ridiculousness of the Week

Life: I stayed home from work toeday because I haven't really slept in two days, I still feel a bit feverish at times, and I didn't have my doctor's release to return to work. When I called his office, the nurse said, "He doesn't usually release people to return to work until after the follow-up visit."

Erm. That's a lot of leave time. :P I haven't heard back from her or my doctor, so if they don't return my call by 3pm, I'll call them back and see if I can get an answer. I go from feeling pretty good to feeling lousy.

Politics: This nonsense with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-Georgia) is getting out of hand. McKinney is a black Congresswoman from Georgia who tried to sidestep normal Capitol security (as Congressional representatives are allowed to do as long as they wear either their lapel pin or a badge). McKinney had neither her badge nor her lapel pin on, and she didn't stop walking down the hall when a Capitol Hill police officer told her twice to stop. When he laid a hand on her shoulder to halt her, she turned around and punched him.

McKinney is now claiming that this was done because she is black and a woman. She has garnered the support of the NAACP, NOW, Minority Leader Nancy Pulosi, and celebrities Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte. I predict that it will be only a short time before Jesse Jackson is also involved. What should have been a minor incident quickly and quietly resolved, McKinney is turning into a circus.

I really can't respect a woman who seems too weak to advocate for herself; she has to have national organizations do it for her. She can't even take enough responsibility for her actions to admit that she was wrong, apologize to the Capitol Hill police officer for making his job more difficult, and agree to abide by the security protocols hereafter.

I mean, really, this shouldn't even have made the news. All McKinney needed to say was, "Oh, I'm sorry. Here's my badge."

Anybody else in this country, no matter what their gender or ethnicity, would be hauled off to jail already for punching a police officer. McKinney would probably have been forced to swallow her indignation if the officer had been black, which he apparently wasn't. Sorry, lady. No kudoes to you for making race an issue in this non-racial incident.

In other news, it looks like Zacharias Moussaoui can be tried for the death penalty.

TV: Mark and I saw and taped a rerun of the Sci-Fi Channel's mini-series Dark Kingdom last night. I was both pleased and disappointed.

I had thought this would be an entirely original fantasy series. Instead, it is a retelling of the tale of Siegfried. On the other hand, since I don't have the patience to sit though 16 hours of Vagnerian opera, I never had any idea what the tale of Siegfried was about until last night. So yea, now I know.

I enjoyed the story, despite a few historical weirdnesses, like Brunhilde being the Queen of Iceland. Brunhilde, in fact, was my favorite character. Of them all, she is the only one who remained true, and the actress who played her was completely believable in the role. In the movie, Brunhilde is the sort of woman who fights suitors to the death if they don't defeat her in battle, and the actress portrayed her with the kind of tough personality she had to have, to stick by that sort of policy. She was also believable to me as a woman, despite the toughness, and as a queen in part because of it.

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