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Aerden [userpic]
Saturday Update

I was primarily lazy today, though I did a bit of writing and chatted with baghdaelf for a while.

I found this link to an article about Roman naming practices and posted the link to the Nova Roma list, as it seemed to be pretty informative. I know a lot of NR people look down their noses at the SCA, but SCA'ers can do good research.

We went out for Kentucky Fried Chicken this evening because our DM is sick and canceled gaming for tonight. Their Popcorn Chicken is pretty tasty.

Not much else going on. Ostara ritual is tomorrow night.

Current Mood: blankblank

That SCA article seems to be based on the fasti consulares, which is a pretty good source. It's not quite comprehensive, but it'll certainly do for the SCA.

Bill--I just wish it were proofread better. I can't believe its author let it go on the website in that condition.

I found the bit about stirps interesting, as I had never heard that term used in Nova Roma before. It seems like such an un-Latin word. I was surprised to find that the familia is actually a sub-branch of the stirps.


Interesting that you'd say that. We talk about stirps in the onamalis list all the time, but I guess the word has never migrated over to the main list. It just means 'branch' and fits into the overall scheme this way:

gens, stirps, domus, familia

Ask Cordus about this if you want the long version.

Ah! I don't think Meradudd's article mentioned the domus--or if it did, I forgot.

Re Cordus--Yep, I noticed Hortensia seems to admire him a great deal. (g)


Cordus just posted a long response to your original post. I'd recommend you forward it to the author of the website. Especially since the SCA heralds may decide to use that website as a definitive source, and it really should be corrected.