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Please welcome goldfired to my friends list! I know Mel from the Imperial Secrets fantasy freeform roleplaying game, and she is an excellent writer. I fully expect to see her books in stores, someday.

I finished Order of the Phoenix a couple of days ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. Rowling has written an excellent book! She gets into the minds of her protagonist characters very well. She even explores the question of Harry's perceptions and prejudices and has him begin to wonder whether they are accurate.

Unfortunately, except for Snape, she still does not develop her villains with equal depth. Umbridge is just horrible, and Draco is no better. Rowling does not make them characters; they are merely obstacles for Harry to overcome--powerful obstacles, yes, but still, only obstacles, not fully fleshed-out people in their own right. I think, once Rowling begins to give her villains more depth, she will be a brilliant writer. But she's damned good, as it is. I have a lot of respect for her.

I still fail to understand what it is that the fundamentalists find so objectionable about these books. They whine about the use of magic being Satanic, but frankly, there is nothing at all religious about these books, except for their basic moral message--that we are all responsible for our own actions and for our own choices, and that even the worst of us can find redemption, but only if we seek it. Isn't that what Christianity says, also? So what is their problem?

I spent much of yesterday working on my original fiction. I started an idea with Viv for a Harry Potter fan story, working title: "To Move the Heavens," and that got me inspired to work on several pieces of my original work, so yesterday was a very productive day, with regard to writing. I was quite pleased!

More about that can be found in musevoices in friends-only entries. If you want to be added to my friends list there, please let me know. It's my writing journal.

I was interviewed for a cashier job at Borders last Thuresday, but I haven't heard back about it. I hope I can get hired there; it would be at least some money coming in. Too late to go to DragonCon, but you can't have everything. It would be nice just to work around books, even if I can't read them while on duty. Many thanks to my friend Anna for giving me advice about bookstore jobs.

I have begun writing in spiral notebooks again. This is something I used to do before my sight got really bad, just for the sheer, physical pleasure of cursive writing. I love to write with a pen and watch the words form. They don't even have to be coherent words, just words in general. Sometimes, it's nothing but a string of composers' names. I should take up calligraphy.

Hurricane Claudette has come our way. The sky is brighter now than it was, and we do not seem to be getting much rain or wind. Right now, it looks like a regular, overcast day.

I see there have been a couple of really weird family murders over the past week--this school principal in Bakersfield, California, who confessed to his crime in North Carolina, and this guy who seems to have kidnapped his two children and possibly killed them, who fled from New Hampshire to California. Anyone notice a pattern here? It's amazing that these people fled across the entire width of the country, to evade the law. I hear the Bakersfield guy is claiming innocence. Who does he think he is fooling?

I saw a copy of Ann Coulter's book Treason at the bookstore, the day I went there for the interview. Damn, that is one good-looking woman! Wish I looked like that. (g)

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