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Sunday Update

Dinner: Dinner tonight included an Omaha steak soaked in whiskey, that Mark bought not only on sale but with a 20% discount after that. And it was goooood. If steak always tasted this good and was this tender, I'd eat steak a lot more often.

Three Horses: Ostara was postponed until next week, which I admit I'm glad of, as I need the time to prepare for the trip, and I'm still feeling a bit feverish, though the antibiotic is helping.

Two Alleys: I worked on Paul's latest post, which is a month or so old by now. *sigh* Suse and Sarah are writing rings around Viv, Dave, and me.

Sarah--I'm definitely interested in doing some posts between Paul and the person we discussed. Should be *cough* interesting.

Paul is going to use a spell I invented for SPH, whose name is taken from a song by Renaissance, to attempt to destoy the Livre de Sangre.

The poor man.

The poor book, too. That is one nasty spell.

This will be my last post before I leave for Beaumont. I'll see you all back on Friday!

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