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God Has VoiceMail!

Work: We were having a conversation this morning about Lenten sacrifices. My boss started the hilarity in the kitchen by saying she'd had a biscuit for breakfast.

Someone else said, "I thought you gave up bread for Lent."

My boss: "I did! I didn't say anything about biscuits or tortillas."

We started snickering at this.

One of our coworkers, who is Baptist, disagress with the common Catholic practice of giving up particular tempting foods etc. during Lent. She said a real sacrifice ought to be to give up backbiting.

So my boss, M., said, "Oh, if I had to give up backbiting and gossiping, then I'm already guilty!"

L. said, "The best way to vent is to tell it all to God."

My boss replied, "God's going to need a lot of telephone lines to keep up with everyone calling in to gripe to him."

L.: "But that's the beauty of God. He has all the telephone lines he needs."

Another coworker: "You really think God has enough time to sit around and listen to everybody complaining?"

My boss: "Even better--He has voicemail!"

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