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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Tired + Character Picture!

Work: Work today was pretty tiring. I spent much of the day packing away the contents of the supply closet for the Independent Living program. I hope I won't have to put all that stuff back when I return from my training. I won't be a happy camper in that case. :P

Food: I discovered a tasty little treat--Sweet William Old-Fashioned Butter Shortbread Cookies. They're about the size of a quarter, and they're a soft shortybread--not chewy, just soft and a tiny bit crumbly. Nice! I brought a couple of packages of them to work, and they've been disappearing. I liked them so much I bought myself a package. I might bring it to Beaumont with me.

They also make a raspberry flavor, but I can't stand raspberry anything.

Gaming:My character Simon in the Darkover-based Cadet Barracks RP over on GreatestJournal is having imaginary cncersations in my head with a Renunciate who is a fellow guest at a dinner party Simon was invited to.

This despite the fact that Simon and the Renunciate haven't said word one to each other yet. *shakes head*

Writing: I did some more worldbuilding for Boy from the Sea, mainly naming the Queen of Imoset and working out how the magic works.

King Micaul of Avriet: richandme took a picture of a man who looks exactly like him--minus the red satin devil's horns. (g)


Current Mood: tiredtired

I swoon over him rather too. He enjoys the attention WAY too much, however!

Right, I'm getting on that post! :D


Kris--LOL! Actually, that wasn't a poke. Just me rolling my eyes at Simon. (g) But cool on the post!