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Blind Taxi Dispatcher and Other Stuff


Sorry for the link with nothing else, but I'm at work. I'll dress it up later.

Gaming: The Cadet Barracks RP over on GreatestJournal is back in action, thanks to xanath. Our characters are having dinner with Cadet Keith Leynier's Uncle Raul Delleray. We have Evil Plans.

TV: No House episode tonight, so I plan to watch Dog and get some more writing done.\\

Work: This weekend I'll need to pack for my business trip. I suspect I won't be going to my coven's Spring Equinox ritual, because I don't want to be up that late on Sunday night--though I suppose I could leave early. We'll see. If I attend, it will be for the ritual only and not for the feast afterward. We have a lovely new place to hold our rituals now; it's very roomy and has an attached kitchen, so I hope we get to continue using that location.

Malware: A warning about a new Trojan virus, verified by EWeek.

Medicine: I came across an interesting article the other day talking about a new method for filterinhg excess fluid from the body for people who have fluid build=up in the lungs. It involves the insertion of a drainage tube that is hooked up to a filtration machine. This sounds a lot like renal dialysis to me, but it appears to work well and last longer than the effects of diuretics. Patients in the hospital stay connected to this for eight hours, the article said, so it's not a quick, in-out procedure.

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