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Dig the Paint Fumes, Man!

Work: The construction workers painted more of the walls in our office over the weekend. They are now a very pretty, pale green color. I can tell that the area around my office was the last part painted because the paint fumes are pretty strong here, still. Duuuude...

TV: I watched How William Shatner Changed the World on The History Channel last night and enjoyed it quite a lot. It was filled with very clever cutting and splicing of film clips from the original series and the others. The show talked about some of the modern technologies we have today which came about because their inventors were inspired to create them by Star Trek. Shatner is quite funny. He is hosting five shows (I think) on the History Channel for Out of this World Week, and tonight's will be on comets. I hope to watch it.

USS Charleston: Well, I told my GM last night what things I consider signs that a prospective player put some effort into his application. Mainly, I want to know that the player understands not only the character he wishes to play, but also the specialty that the character works in. For instance, if you're wanting to play the Chief Engineer, you'd better know your Trek technobabble and hopefully some real engineering, so you don't make a lot of stupid mistakes.

You don't know what engineers do? Then go read on the Web about what real ship engineers do, learn a little bit about engineering, and then come back to apply to play an engineer. Even better, read one of the Trek technical manuals.

I also stipulated reasonable knowledge of correct English grammar and spelling.

I may be asking for more than I am ever likely to get, but it's nice to dream. I swear, though--if I ever thought Pern applications were bad--those were at least written by people who like to write. Trek sim applications seem to be frequently written by teenage boys who don't know the differences between homonyms or how to capitalize properly. *sigh* We've had one player who capitalized as if he were writing in the 1820's (which was kind of cool, actually) and another player who never used capitals or periods if he could possibly avoid it.

Where do these people learn English?!

Anyway, not much else going on right now. See you later!

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