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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
I'm So Glad It's Friday!

Work: Work was tiring today. I was moving things from morning until afternoon and got very little paperwork done. The builders are likely to paint and recarpet our office over the weekend, so we had to remove items from our desks and take things down off of walls. I had to transfer last year's closed case files from my filing cabinet to the archive room and then store other things in the extra space I had among the archives. I was hungry enough to eat a sizable cheeseburger at lunch.

Movie: We went to see Johnny Depp in Libertine this evening. Very interesting movie! I didn't like it, mainly because I didn't like the main character, and the whole thing was pretty lewd and rude. On the other hand, Depp was brilliant in the role of John Wilmont, 2nd Earl of Rochester, who was a rake and debaucher of the first water. The movie is set during the reign of Charles II of England. If the movie is to be believed, Rochester is responsible for the fact that James II was allowed to succeed Charles to the throne.

I have to admit, I find it hard to believe that any nobleman of the period would be so completely heedless of the consequences to his own social standing as to write a very pornographic play/satire/farce for his king when his king is trying to use the play to help establish friendly diplomatic relations with Louis XIV of France. I suppose it's possible for someone to be that uncaring of his social position, but very unlikely. When you're a nobleman and peer in the 17th century, your fortunes depend on the king's favor. To not only risk that, but to in fact hurl it away from you as far as you can possibly throw it just seems bizarre to me. But still, it's possible.

Anyway, I think it was a good movie, but I found the main character so unappealing that I didn't like the movie much, even though I was impressed with Johnny Depp's performance.

Chantal-Bob says, "Check it out only if you are not offended by repeated uses of the words 'cunt,' prick,' 'cock,' 'fuck,' etc. or the sight of dildoes in a stage play--large dildoes. Some female frontal nudity."

Gaming: Lots of stuff to do on the Charleston today! Also, I am now the Destinies Armada Fleet Recruiter. You have been warned. (g)

Ardaea: I'll work more on Tarran Glennis' intro post on Saturday.


It was probably worse than what they put in the movie. The king loved it. The Restoration time was very, ummm, risque.

One poem compared the king's scepter to, well, the king's scepter. Quite funny, actually.

Yeah. They probably underplayed things.

Re: Actually...

I wondered about that! In the movie, Charles II comes across as a bit more...strait-laced than I had thought he was in reality. The only hint you see of the historical man is when he kisses Elizabeth Berry's shoulder.