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Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Work: This morning, I was at my desk wrapping up boxes to be sent out via UPS. I got my first box all nicely wrapped. I made sure that the receipt form was inside for the consumer to sign and return to us, to verify that he received his equipment. I taped the box all up in its wrapping paper and looked for the UPS mailing label to affix to the top of the box.

And then I realized that the UPS mailing label was still inside the box, where I had put it to make sure I didn't get it mixed up with the mailing labels for my other packages.


It's now lunchtime, and I am consoling myself with a plate of red beans and rice. I have a feeling my stomach won't be too happy about this. It already isn't happy with me, and this stuff has been spiced by a true Cajun chef.

And I'm supposed to have the cysto tomorrow. I pity my doctor, I really do.

Writing: I did some work on The Boy from the Sea last night and anticipate being able to do more on it tonight.

TV: Tonight I'll have to make my usual decision of whether I want to watch Dog: The Bounty Hunter or House. At the moment, I'm leaning toward watching Dog.

Mark tells me that David Carradine guest-starred in last night's episode of Medium as a man similar to John Naxh (of A Beautiful Mind), who was being used to crack passwords. I'm told that he looked more like Bill than like Quai-Chang Caine.

I really think Carradine should have earned an Oscar of some sort for his work in Kill Bill, Part II. I swear, that is the best acting I have ever seen David Carradine do. He was scary.

The Oscars: I'm rather surprised that Brokeback Mountain didn't win Best Picture, because it certainly seemed to be the favorite. I didn't watch the Oscar Awards at all because I didn't expect there to be any surprises. I would nave nominated Good Night and Good Luck for Best Picture, even though it wasn't very flashy. The guy who played Edward R. Murrow was fantastic!

From the description I've seen of Crash, it seems to be a drama of manners in which everyone's actions are escalated beyond all reality. But I never lived in a rough neighborhood, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Certainly, the plot description I heard was of actions escalated beyond anything in my experience.

For instance, no white woman I know would clutch her purse in terror of just any black guy she sees. That would be silly. However, many women of my acquaintance, of whatever color, might do that if they saw a couple of guys of whatever color, walking toward them wearing gang insignia. It's not the 1960's anymore, folks. We don't care about skin color. What we care about is, "Are they all wearing bandanas and dressed alike? Do I see guns in their waistbands? Do I see knives or brass knuckles? Are they whispering to each other and then looking right at me?"

Still--Interesting drama of manners or lack thereof. And I do know that Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall once had an experience of being faced by a frightened elderly white woman in an elevator. Denzel Washington and several friends had a similar thing happen to them one night after they had appeared in a play. So it isn't all hyperbole. It just isn't my experience.

Back to the Oscars--I am so pleased that Reese Witherspoon won Best Actress and that Rachel Weisz won Best Supporting Actress! I like the work of both of them very much, though my favorite Reese Witherspoon movie will always be Legally Blonde I, I think. (g) When Mark told me she had won, I had to ask him, "When she accepted the award, did she say, 'Like it was hard!'?"

Re George Clooney--I'd like to see him in a role that really stretches him. I didn't think Fred Friendly was that difficult a role; anyone could have done it. Clooney has pretty much made a career of playing George Clooney--the handsome rogue who always has witty remarks and one-liners ready. I'd like to see him do something like Shakespeare. But until then, I'll enjoy watching him in as many incarnations of Ocean's Eleven as he cares to make. (g)

Ah well, lunch is about over.

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