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Icon Directory, Sodomy Law Repeal, Anniversary

Welcome--branwene, fireflowerlass, and kaikias to my friends list! I should have added you all sooner, but I've been lax lately.

I'm in the "#12 Grimmauld Place" chapter of Order of the Phoenix. Will keep reading! (g)

I created a new community called icon_directory. My hope is that it will become a sort of 'filing system' for icons. It will make heavy use of the 'Memories' section so that sets of icons can be organized and easily found by people looking for specific types of icons. For instance, if yo want to look at icons of butterflies, all you'd have to do is visit the 'Memories' section and click on that heading. I hope this will make things a lot easier for people.

The US Supreme Court has finally repealed the Texas sodomy law!

Not that I practice sodomy, but...It was directed specifically against gays and could have theoretically been used as an excuse to go into someone's home and arrest them for what they might be doing in privacy. The law did not apply to heterosexual people who might practice that act.

Anyway, it was a bad law, and I'm glad the court struck it down. All of the gay/lesbian groups are hailing it as a great triumph, and all the ultra-conservative religious groups are denouncing it as the end of the world and a disaster for morality. Both of those factions are stupid. It was simply a bad piece of legislation, and it has finally been gotten rid of. Yea!

My grandparents celebrated their 65th wedding annivarsay on Wednesday. They are 89 years old. Way to go, Lottie and Jerry Smith! I hope that Mark and I will make it in marriage at least as long. :)

My sister, niece, and nephew are in town! *beams*

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