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Thursday at Work

Work:If I didn't have work I needed to do, I'd be falling asleep right now.

Today is a skeleton crew holiday--Texas Independence Day--but most of us are here at work. I think people are scheming to earn eight hours of holiday comp time today so they can use it to take Good Friday off--That's what I'm doing, anyway.

I worked Good Friday last year as the receptionist, and I never want to do that again. i was never so screamingly bored in my life. In fact, I fell asleep at my desk twice on Good Friday last year, but no one noticed because no one came by. And we don't get let out early because there are some divisions of my agency which operate 24/7, and if some departments can't close early, then none of them can. So I was there until 5pm last year. :P

Fortunately, my coworker S. saved my sanity by lending me a book about the effects of illegal drugs on the brain that I liked so much, I bought my own copy.

Lunch: I'm eating meatballs topped with melted, grated mozzarella cheese and twice-baked mashed potatoes. Tomorrow on the menu they are serving coconut shrimp, so I plan to be in the cafeteria for that. I'll probably head down there early.

Cooking: The Independent Living cooking class was held today, and the consumers made hamburgers and fried French fries. I'm glad they didn't need me to participate today, because I don't really like the smell of frying food, and I always start coughing. Quite a few people are in the class today, and both of the caseworkers I assist took part in the class with their consumers, which I thought was neat.

Dreams, the morning of 03/02/06: I had two dreams that I remember. In the first one, all I can remember is that there was a very British-sounding woman--voice similar to Elizabeth Hurley's--who was Mrs. Edward Norris. I have dreamed about her once before. Her husband was a diplomat who looked to be in his 70's at the youngest, and his wife was no older than her 30's. She was going to do something awful, but I don't know what it was. All I know is that I was afraid of her and what she might do, so I went to tell my former supervisor at the Lighthouse, Sondra, about the danger. But I wouldn't even talk to Sondra until after I had closed and locked the front door of her house after I entered it. I woke up feeling scared, even though there was no reason to be.

The second dream was HP-oriented and very bizarre in that Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger were in love, love, love and making what I would call 'googly eyes' at each other. Draco was practically melting at the sight of Hermione and grinning in total fondness. In the dream, I talked to scuppernong about the whole thing and wondered what burakkupansa and lrodell would have thought of it. I was weirded out and relieved when that dream ended.

If I'm going to dream in the Potterverse, why can't I at least dream about hp_snape?

Though I did dream of him once. *snicker* Him and Parvati Patil, Lavender Brown, and my character Seth in Paul's car. Hehe--That was a fun dream.

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