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Fat Tuesday Update

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!

Lunch: Conversation between me and this guy who works at the hospital across the street. I privately call him Johnny Cash, because he has That Gorgeous Voice(tm) *swoon*

'Johnny Cash:' "It's actually getting warm out there, finally. I like that. Summer's my favorite time of year."

Me: "Mine, too. But I don't like it being so hot when I have to work, because five minutes after I go outside, I feel like I have to shower again."

'Johnny Cash:' "Yeah, because of the humidity. You should do what I do. Ride a motorcycle to work. That'll cool you right off!"

Hehe! So nice to have the nystagmus ignored by someone who doesn't know me. :D I wish I could ride a motorcycle to work. (g)

On the Bus: Today we had some guy on the bus who was either high as a kite or off his meds. He came onto the bus and tried to use an expired transfer ticket. The bus driver told him the transfer was no good anymore and that he would have to pay the bus fare of $1.00. The guy said he didn't have it and sat down. Then he asked the bus driver, "Are we just going to sit here all day?"

The bus driver said, "Yep. You don't pay; the bus doesn't move."

The guy didn't say anything for a few seconds, and then he repeated his question. The bus driver repeated his answer, and we were still parked by the curb.

The guy started cussing out the bus driver. Wrong move. We were parked near a convenience store, and a police vehicle was parked outside. The bus driver went and got a police officer. The guy jumped up from the handicapped seat he was sitting in and headed to the back of the bus. The police officer came onboard and told the rest of us to debark, and we did. Next thing you know, we started hearing the sounds of a scuffle and something falling to the floor of the bus.

A second officer hurried into the bus and came back out a moment later with the guy's guitar. They got the guy cuffed and into a waiting police car in short order. The guy was twitching and sort of laughing under his breath.

I've been on buses with dotty bag ladies who acted up before, and I was on a bus once when the police pulled the bus over and arrested a man who had just boarded, but I've never had anything like this happen.

Medical Billing Weirdness: So, last week, I had that kidney x-ray. This morning, I got an email from my Dad, asking, "What is this bill for radiology from Methodist Hospital that came to the house? Are you sick?!"

I had enough IVP's when I was a kid that I didn't think the fact that I was having one now was terribly remarkable, so I hadn't mentioned it to them. I also didn't want them to worry unless there was something to worry about. So I told them what was going on. Apparently, Methodist still has old records for me from when I was a kid, under a misspelled version of my last name. That information has to be at least 30 years old. My mind boggles.

Lenten Season: seshen has an amusing suggestion for what to give up for Lent.

I wonder, would my various DM's kill me if I said I was going to give up gaming for Lent?

Mardi Gras: A recipe I found for King Cake.

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