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Funeral - Jerry S. Donovan

Mark and I went to Jerry's funeral today. Jerry was the father of my brother-in-law Greg. It was held at Windsor Village Methodist Church on Heatherbrook.

Very neat service! They did it as a Celebration of Life rather than as a funeral, and I found it to be joyously cathartic. That helped a lot.

They have got an awesome men's choir called the Worshipping Warriors. Strange name for a choir, but they sounded great! I just think that I will sit several rows back, the next time I listen to them, because they are rather loud and really don't need all the amps and things. Jerry used to be in that choir, and I think he would have enjoyed their performance for him very much. :)

It was pouring down rain, so the graveside service was extremely abbreviated.. Mark and I went out for Chinese food at Fu's Garden with his parents, and we had a tasty lunch at around 2pm.

Gaming: I spent the evening working on Tarran Glennis' character sheet for Ardaea and then went to bed. We didn't go gaming to Karina's because she has a sore throat, and Terry had to work.

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