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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Gaming and iPods + a Dream

Looks like the PBEM News may have moved to a new site. I'm not sure if this place is connected in any way with the Irony Games site or not, but I have noticed that the one that was at Irony Games has not been working in a while, so I'm glad I found this new version. It seems to work a lot like the Irony Games version did.

Ardaea: I've written a character sheet for Tarran Glennis and turned it in to Suse's Ardaea site. I'd like to see if the two of us can dovetail our ideas for evil Arianrhod worshippers, or if we want to keep them separate.

iPod: I looked at iPods today and almost bought the 30-gig one at iTunes. The ad said that I could buy one for 'as low as $7 a month,' which I took to mean that I could perhaps arrange an installment plan at a higher rate of payment if I wanted. I could manage six months at $50 a month easily, but $300 all at one go is a bit more than I'm willing/able to stomach, especially with tax time coming up. Unfortunately, the $7/month thing is only for $7, and you have to get a MasterCard through Apple, which I neither want nor need. I am not willing to be in debt to Apple for over four years, just to pay for a piece of electronic equipment that I don't really need--especially when I could easily pay the thing off in six months. Forget it.

I think what I'll do is set aside $50 for the next six months to finance this--or I could simply wait until the price comes down and buy this as an older variety. I really can't foresee a need to download over 7500 songs from iTunes, when each song costs $0.99. I only want an iPod for playing music; if I want to see a video, I can watch TV.

I'm wondering how many of 7500 songs Beethoven's Fifth Symphony would take up? I plan to fill my iPod, when I get it, with a lot of classical music, which is why I decided against buying the iPod Shuffle or the Nano. I'm also blissing out at the prospect of having Hildegard of Bingen's complete works on an iPod.

*faints in the throes of musical ecstasy*

Dream the morning of February 26, 2006: I dreamed I was an ocean creature that I read about once in a book by Anne McCaffrey--I was the size and shape of an oriental rug, and I moved about in the ocean via a 'distortion of parallelograms.' The upper side of my body was like a solar panel, and that's how I gained nourishment. I skimmed just below the water's surface--couldn't go too much lower because that would block out the sunlight. In the dream, I remember swimming and moving about a lot in the water to avoid sharks. There was something else going on in the dream that I found intensely interesting, but I forgot it when I woke up. *sigh* I was able to both be myself and look at myself.

Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: "Babe, I Love You" - Queen

Aww you're cute! I really love classical music too. Never occurred to me to put one, huge, expansive music genre on one small player, but it's a pretty cool idea!

You know, it occurred to me that I could buy several of the iPod Shuffles, which only cost about $60, and have one for Beethoven, one for Gregorian chant, one for Celtic, and one for Eighties and Sixties rock songs....

I'm going to stifle myself, now before I become entirely too silly. (g)


ooooh I love that!!! So fun :-D One whole shuffle of Gregorian Chant...that would be pretty cool :-D

I would actually ask yourself long and hard not when you can afford an iPod, but why you actually want one.

The shuffles are kind of cute but I have to say, what I use to ferry my music around on has three different kinds of shuffle (shuffle once, shuffle repeat, shuffle folder only) as well as regular play. I don't see why people would want to buy an item only to have no control over what plays.

So we move to the iPods proper. Now, you say you don't want them for anything but music. So the screen immediately becomes a little redundant.

So you're looking at size.

Don't let yourself be wowed by how much giggage you can get for your money.


This is what I use and I don't shame to say that I have no need for anything else.

512 mb = 93 songs on my current loading, and that's including a couple of whoppers that are over 10 minutes long (trance mixes mostly).

93 songs = 7 hrs plus of listening time.

Any more than that and I'd never find what I was looking for. Plus, with 'only' 93 songs, I strip them all out every month or so and load up with new tracks depending on my mood of the moment.

In my entire mp3 collection I have a total of 3,143 songs. If I set my winamp playlist to start at number 1 and go all the way to the end, it'd take more than solid 3 days for it to run out.

Total giggage? A poxy 12.7 gb. If I had a 30 gb iPod, it'd be wasted.

More isn't always better.

Initial, gut response: To heck with the iPod. What about Ardaea? (g)

A more considered response coming soon. :)