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Tuesday - Back at Work

Today was our monthly combined staff meeting and EAS (Employment Assistance Services) meeting. The staff meeting might as well not have happened, because nothing new was covered. The EAS part that I attended featured Dr. Larry Spitzberg, a local low vision specialist, who came to talk about the low vision reports he writes for us on our consumers, what the structure of them is, and what information he includes in them.

Having worked in medical transcription, I found his talk interesting and enlightening. Dr. Spitzberg goes into a lot of depth in his examinations, and I was able to learn some things about his exam process that I didn't know before. In all, it was a very useful talk.

Not that this is important, but I have come up with my Medical Transcription Word of the Day for April Fool's Day. Kudoes to anyone who can figure out what it will be. Chocolate to anyone who can figure out both what it will be and what the definition will be. You are welcome to guess from now through March 31.

TV: It's Tuesday night, and I watched House yesterday evening, so I'll contentedly watch Dog: The Bounty Hunter tonight. Yea!

I really like Dog Chapman so much better than Gregory House.

Gaming: I need to finish Tarran Glennis' character sheet for Ardaea and write a couple of reports for the USS Charleston. I think it is so neat that our GM actually has the senior staff write reports.

Alcohol: I bought some Harvey's Bristol Cream on the way home from work this evening, and I'm looking forward to drinking it.

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