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Aerden [userpic]
The Ides of February

Health: Can they do an IVP during that time of the month? *wonders*

News: This morning on the news, I heard some woman complaining that (paraphrase) "This hunting accident just illustrates the current administration's problems with being up-front with the American people."

To which I reply:

Dear Lady,

How naive do you think the American people are? I am SO sure that, if this had happened to Vice-President Gore, the Democrats would be all over the truth, getting the word out to us--not that we really would need to know; just in the interests of the truth, you understand.

My ass.

Stop the stupid whining when you know both sides would treat the situation in pretty much the same way. When you're in authority and must protect your reputation and do damage control, that takes precedence over party issues. Your whining doesn't fool any of us. If you were a Republican, the outrage wouldn't fool any of us. We grew up watching the news; we know hypocrisy when we see it. We've seen both sides engage in it. Give it a rest.

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totally off topic, but...

I just wanted to let you know that the Orlando Area Science Fiction Society has a web site. Google OASFIS and you should find it. They have a new president, and I don't have his email address. Sorry about that.

I hope you have fun. I may or may not be able to go. I'll have to see. Hugs you!

Re: totally off topic, but...

Hi, Leianora! I found the website. When I went to look last week there wasn't much on it, so I'll give it another look and see if they've added anything. Thanks so much for telling me about this convention.


Today isn't the Ides. That was two days ago.

Bill--Ah, so it's not necessarily the 15th day of the month? How is it calculated?


In 31 day months the Ides falls on the 15th. In 30 (and 28) day months it falls on the 13th.

The only thing this story has revealed is the incredible sense of self-importance of the media asshats. Good grief, do they think they're important or what?

Amqu--Yes. It must be a slow news day, if this is the only thing they can come up with to gas on about.