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Office Moving Day #1

Work: Our office is being expanded and remodeled, so affected areas had to be cleared of furniture and miscellaneous items this morning to prepare for the first stage of construction. By lunchtime, I was starved. I'm sitting here at my desk wolfing down a plate of chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes with gravy.

I'm told that I'll be moved for the second stage of construction. I'll apparently be located where one of my caseworkers is now. Two of her office walls will be knocked out, and my desk will be moved into the resulting area, because God forbid that clerical staff should ever have offices. *rolls eyes* Where they're going to move B., whose space I will be moved into, I don't know...

Cool thing, though--I'll be located katty-corner from an RA I enjoy spending time with, so it should be a good move, once it's all done.

Anyway, I moved the mail room this morning. I still can't believe we're getting rid of our mail room; that seems almost sacrilegious. I don't know whether a new one will be constructed or not. Right now, everyone's mail slots are now large envelopes which are stored at my desk. Go figure.

We have a surprising amount of office furniture that we're donating to a local church, and we're getting rid of some broken-down file cabinets. Yea!

Much love to D. for hiring the wonderful movers!

I want a nap, now. *zonk!*

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