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Things I Need to Do Today

  1. Buy maintenance antibiotics.
  2. Get a pedicure.
  3. Buy a new purse.
  4. Wash my hair.

I feel too darned lazy this morning to want to do any of those things, even though I must do them. I just want to lie around in my nightgown.

Writing: What I'd rather do:

Write a particular story vignette--But I'm ambivalent about doing that, because I know that the vignette I want to write is crap, and I shouldn't waste my time on it. It's an interesting thing to think about while lying in bed, but once I get out of bed, my brain kicks in and says, "This story bunny is unrealistic and illogical for X, Y, and Z reasons, so don't write it."

I guess I ought to write a little of it, just so I can quit arguing with myself.

Movie: We saw Good Night and Good Luck last night, which I thought was a good movie, but very unflashy, with a decidedly low-key ending. I like the actor who played Edward R. Murrow a lot.

In a way, it was a lot like watching 1960's NASA Mission Control geeks, only they were doing television.

We need to hear eloquence comparable to Murrow's on television again. I miss eloquence and beautiful language in this American Idol world.

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