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Aerden [userpic]
Itching for a Convention

Can anyone recommend any good writing-emphasis conventions in the United States scheduled to take place sometime during the upcoming year?

I had wanted to attend DragonCon, since I haven't been in five years, but none of my friends that I know of are going, and I don't want to spend the entire four days feeling lonely and being alone among 4000 people.

I was going to concentrate more on the writers' track at DragonCon this year, since I am no longer active in Pern fandom, except for still belonging to two Weyrs (Fort 9 and StarRise). But looking at the math--DragonCon would be pretty darned expensive, even if I did prepay my hotel bill.

I would like to find a place where I could learn from published writers, find out more about the business, do a bit of workshopping, and so forth. I am not ready for something like Viable Paradise yet. Maybe I will be in a year or two, but not right now.

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I've got just the thing for you!

The Orlando Area Science Fiction Society puts on a rather small convention every year in May during Memorial day weekend. It's main focuss is on art and writing, so you may enjoy it. There usually aren't any huge media stars, but we manage to have fun. Door prices are $35 for the weekend, and hotel rooms go for $70 a night. I'll give you an email address of someone who may be able to help you more if you're interested.

Re: I've got just the thing for you!

Leianora--That sounds right up my alley! I'd rather do a smaller convention, and $70 for a room each night sure as heck beats $150 a night for the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. Please do email me their information. I'm at Aerden at LiveJournal.com.


ConDFW is in Dallas at the end of February. It's cheap, close by, and last year I got a lot of great advice from the Nielsen-Haydens and otehr guests.

Pyro--That sounds like something I would be interested in, then. rclementmoore also recommends it, so I think that's a good prospect. Thanks for suggesting it!


A little closer to home:
DFW Con (Dallas, Feb 24-25)

Armadillo Con (Austin, Aug 11-13) (Which also has a writer's workshop on the Friday before.

Fen Con (Dallas, Sept. 22-24) Which also has a writer's workshop, and Jim Butcher will be the Toastmaster! (also Alan Dean-Foster and Leslie Fish)

And of course World Fantasy Con is in Austin in November.

Rose--DFW Con sounds good, and pyro_rebel recommends it, too. I'll see if I can get my registration in.