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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]

Work: I'm typing from work on an ergonomic keyboard. I don't like it at all, though I'm a lot faster on it than I was when I first started typing on them. These keyboards seem to want you to rest the heels of your palms on them, and I can't type that way. What I like to do is rest my forearms on the edge of the desk, leaving my palms and wrists free so I can move them.

Not a lot going on today, aside from regular job stuff.

Writing: I got some good work done on The Boy from the Sea last night. Going through and taking care with it, instead of writing the thing in a rush of enthusiasm helps.The build-up to the initial excitement is a bit longer in this version, and I think I prefer that, even if some of the writing books out there say to start with a bang from the get-go.

Current Mood: awakeawake

Do you have a way to lower the keyboard? I use one of those and never rest either palm or anything else on something while typing. I suspect it's only ergonomic if you keep the keyboard down that way, though.

I do rest the palms on the board when I'm pausing, but only then.

I might just give that a shot.


Boy From The Sea


Cool on the writing.
I look forward to reading it!

Man is my keyboard dusty!

I feel like I am walking into a dust storm every time I walk in the front door. Please remind I am going to like it when it is done!


Re: Boy From The Sea

You could try encasing your keyboard in a small garbage bag. In fact, I'd cover your computer with a larger one, because of all that dust.

Is there still a hole in your wall?


Re: Boy From The Sea

Got the whole computer covered but the house is dusty.

We're at the hotel another night. They have put tile on the floor in the bathroom and have almost half the wall in the living room done. Tomorrow we should get our sink and toilet! YEAH!
I am just hoping against hope that my tub is not getting damaged!
We paid a lot for it and it was shipped from England.

The hole is now a wall.