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Webby Stuff: I've arranged to transfer my and .org domains to a webhost called A Small Orange and will probably host the non-profit project I'm working on with Virtual Magpie. Thank you to gypsy_anna and fallenseraph for suggesting them to me.

It feels good to have that done. I decided I wanted to take advantage of A Small Orange's permanent account offer, which will pay for itself after less than three years. They offer both FTP and a web-based file manager, and file managers are what I prefer to work with. It's nice to have the choice, though. FTP is convenient if you want to upload a lot of files all at once, and sometimes I need to do that.

I'm going to just revamp the entire Muse Voices site. My interests have changed from what they were when I first created it, and much of what I had planned for it is outdated now. Once I get everything set up at the new Muse Voices site, I will start dismantling Aerden's Homepage from its current location at Dreamwater and updating it at on A Small Orange.

Finances: I apparently didn't write down my stupid Site Key information anywhere, so tomorrow, I have to call my bank and get that changed. *snarls* I know the security precautions are a good idea, but they can be so frustrating to deal with, sometimes!

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