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Aerden [userpic]
An Awesome Writing Link!

In the write_away community, coyotecult posted this wonderful link: Patricia Wrede's Worldbuilding Questionnaire.

I wish it weren't 10pm already, because I want to sink my teeth into this lovely thing right now.

Writing References contributed by members of write_away.

Current Mood: enthralledenthralled

Nifty toy, though sometimes I think it'd be nice if more authors would use something like it...

*giggle!* For some reason, the author whose name popped into my mind as 'someone who needs to use this' is John Norman, author of the Gor books.

I am so ashamed to admit that I have actually read almost one chapter of Slave Girl of Gor.


ooooh wow that is amazing. Yeah, if it weren't so late I'd give it a look myself!

I hope to start using it tonight. I can't believe it--everything I need to think about, all neatly laid out in outline form. Heaven!


YES! I totally agree with you! I've been searching the internet for just such a thing, and then it falls into my lap! Thank you so much for the link!