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Enron Trial

Apparently, the Enron trial is due to begin today. I saw an article in the Houston Chronicle in which the talk radio shows are inviting people to call in.

I can predict that most of what will be said will have about as much worth as a share of Enron stock.

It's interesting and frightening that many of us state so many opinions with few or no facts or research done to back up what we say; it's just gut reaction. I am as guilty of this as anyone I hear on the radio. I don't have time, nor do I want to make time, to check the facts behind every single thing I say and think, even if I ought to.

Makes me wonder how this world has muddled along for all these millennia.

Random Thought of the Morning: So, will Brokeback Mountain slash feature our two cowboys having heterosexual relationships that their author never intended for them to have? I'm just curious. (g)

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