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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Sheehan for Senator?

Cindy Sheehan wants to run against Diane Feinstein to become senator of California.

Oh my God...I may not agree with all of Feinstein's policies, but I like her, and she's been a senator long enough to know what she's doing. Sheehan just comes across to me as a nutcase.

I mean, what does she do for a living? Everybody else in this country has to go to work so they can pay their bills and eat, but all I ever see Cindy Sheehan do is go on protests. She's in Caracas, Venezuela, now, I guess chumming it up with Hugo Chavez.

What gets me is, Sheehan acknowledges that she stands little chance of winning this election; that she is doing it primarily to raise awareness of the peace protest.

I am sick of people who do things they know will fail, just to make statements. If you really want to become a senator and really want to enact legislative change, do what it takes to do the job well. Start out small, running in local elections first. Get experience first. Learn the realities of the job. Learn that sometimes, you have to make compromises.

True, Hillary Clinton ran for senator from the starting gate and won. But she'd been First Lady for eight years, and she was a lawyer. She understood how Washington worked. I don't think Sheehan has a clue what the job takes.

I so hope Diane Feinstein wins this one. She has some sense.

Current Mood: appalled

I feel very sorry for this woman. She clearly has emotional problems which were exacerbated by her son's death. Then the far left used her mental imbalance to further their own agenda, and now she is completely off her rocker with some kind of Mother of Jesus complex. I read an interview of her a month or so ago which made it glaringly obvious that she is not connected to reality at this point. Very sad.