Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Checking In

Welcome to moonwolf41, who is a member of my SCA household, House Bedlam. None of us are active in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) any longer, but we re all still friends. Glad to have you here, Liz!

Well, Rep. Charlie Rangel was particularly stupid on the Hannity & Colmes show, last night. I don't mind whether people support or do not support the war. But whatever a person's position is, I really prefer that they not be outright stupid in the reasons they give for why they hold their opinion.

Saying that you do not support the war because 'if the Iraqis really wanted us there, they would be waving flags and greeting us with open arms,' is just idiotic.

I really find it impossible to believe that Rangel could have no clue at all about how vicious the fedayin are, over there. Threaten to shoot and torture me or my family, and I assure you, I wouldn't be waving any flags, either!

Ah well...Mark and I will be going to see Core tonight. I hope it's good. I keep looking at the trailers, and I just don't believe the overall scientific concept at all. Yes, if you use seismic waves as a weapon, I do agree that conflicting waves will create dead areas. Do enough of that, and you could very well deaden an entire wave vield. But...I don't think most natural seismic waves reach all the way to the Earth's core--though I could be wrong. I think they usually only affect the crust. Oh well. Maybe I should reserve judgment until I read a few seismology books. We'll see.

Well, I should go. The movie stats at 4:10, and I'm sure Mark would like to sue the computer. See you later!

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